Friday 22 August 2014

The Cornershop: The Ultimate Shopping Experience

An old launderette in East London has been transformed into a grocery store and everybody's talking about it. 
And why is that? Well, everything in The Cornershop is made of felt.

Stitching and sewing for 8 months, Lucy Sparrow has created 4,000 items, which are all on display and on sale. 

From the till to the soup cans and pick ‘n’ mix stand, everything is handcrafted with immense precision and attention to detail. 

Not one to rest on her laurels, Super Lucy is also running sewing workshops for kids and adults until 31 August, before taking her Cornershop to Brighton. 

The Cornershop

19 Wellington Row
Bethnal Green
E2 7BB

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  1. Getting a 6% price break along with many stores holding sales this time of the year might make the malls a little more crowded in Maryland this alerts for discount codes