Monday 26 March 2012

A bright, new chapter

By Laura Turner, editor CWB Magazine

Not everyone can say they love their job but, at the risk of sounding smug, I can honestly say I do. Having worked on CWB magazine for many years now, the recent developments to the title in terms of its redesign, together with its new online presence at, has made for exciting times.

Redesigning CWB was a huge task with a multitude of considerations to bear in mind, but equally it was the most satisfying of challenges. Everything was analysed – from the content, layout and paper stock, through to the fonts and hues of the colour palette – and every decision was made with the reader and the industry we serve at the forefront of our minds. Like anything that puts you forward for the judgement of others it was also nerve-wracking, especially waiting for that first issue to appear in print – will it look as good as I remembered

In the end, I believe that, if you have faith in your product and put your heart and soul into making it the best you can, you just have to trust that it shows. As it was, CWB was everything I could have wished for. The feedback at Bubble London, where we officially launched the new look complete with a celebratory drinks do on the CWB stand, was resoundingly positive.

The magazine and website – which is now very much live and kicking – together with very active Twitter and Facebook accounts mean the CWB brand has never been stronger. There are exciting times and developments ahead.

Here’s to the future and a bright, new chapter for CWB.

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