Thursday 1 March 2012

Biggest Project Ever


There are some combinations in life which just work. Cheese and pickle, peanut butter and jelly, gin and tonic! The same can be said about the collaborative influence German artist Jan von Holleben's parents, a cinematographer and child therapist, have had upon his life's work.

Previously, we've blogged about Jan's 'Wild Dreams' and 'No CCTV Guards' projects, so wanted to update you on his work.

Through a career in teaching children with disabilities and earning a degree in the Theory and History of Photography, his photography is a wonderful emalgamation of all the life influences he has picked up along his 35 years.

Jan was selected by the Oxford University NHS Hospitals Trust to develop new artwork for two long 70 meter long corridors and the ceilings of 14 anaesthetic rooms within a Children's Ward. Working with nine children in Berlin, Jan produced the installation 'Lily & Jonathan', his largest piece of photography to date.

Made from 315 individual photographs and over 40 composite panels, the installation depicts the adventures of two friends, Lily & Jonathan on a fantastic journey.

A project funded by charitable donations and the Fund for Children, Jan prepared for the project by speaking with doctors, therapists, play specialists, art coordinators, nurses, anesthetists, porters, patients and their parents.

The artwork depicts the friends journey, first exploring the countryside, before using their magical powers for space exploration and underwater adventure. They meet many friends along the way, as they enter into a dream world.

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