Thursday 13 October 2011

When I grow up, I want to be....

When we were young, we had many inspirational hopes and dreams of what we would like to be when we're older.

Many children aspire to become a fireman, a nurse or even a pop star!

Bubble London exhibitor 4funkyflavours took inspiration for their collection from ideas of growing up strong, famous, exceptional or rich.

The result is a collection with an endless combination of different colors, prints and materials. Fitting for any budding dancers, athletes, or those who will realise one day, the one thing they want to be when they grow up... is young again!

‘I’m going to play tennis at the top.’

‘First I want to be very rich, and then I’ll buy a fast car.'

Don't miss 4funkyflavours at the Autumn/Winter edition of Bubble London on 29 & 30 January 2012.

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