Friday 6 August 2010

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Le Train Fantome
Following the arrival of her first child, Fanja Ralison designed and handcrafted her first softie Little Ozzie Rabbit. Six years later, her work has expanded to fabric dolls, postcards and prints.

Here’s the story behind Le Train Fantome.

The name “Le Train Fantome ( ghost train in French) came up when my partner and his friend were setting up their record label called Ghostbox ( I liked the name and also wanted to find something related to ghosts.

I’m inspired by children's books, fabrics, old craft books, traditional costumes and folklore.

My favourite designs are the dolls commissioned by my customers and made for friends. The results tend to be more personal when you make a character with someone in mind.

My latest design is May, made from linen and filled with polyester.
To purchase Fanja's creations, visit her online shop.

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