Monday 2 August 2010

Must Haves

Whether it’s a holiday trip to Istanbul or a weekend in the Hamptons, BozAround follows the adventures of "travel expert" Vanessa Boz and her family.

While soaking up the sun in France with Marcelo 4 and Amalya 16 months, Vanessa shares with us some of her summer must haves.

  • Bobo Kids passport holders, turquoise for Amalya and purple for Marcelo.

  • "Obama" bathing suit from Belgium brand Archimede.

  • My Baa Baa blackout blind to gain a few more minutes of sleep in the morning as Amalya wakes up with the first rays of sunshine and we never know if the curtains will be good enough where we holiday!

  • Amalya's little Saltwater shoes, bought at Pomme store in NY. They're amazing, go in the water and are in leather. An iconic brand in the USA, not yet discovered in Europe.

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