Friday 11 September 2015

Up, up and away...

If you came along to Bubble's A/W15 show, you might remember our OOTD chair installation, complete with giant balloons. We thought it looked seriously impressive - but Covent Garden has gone one (or rather 100,000!) better. 

French artist Charles Pétillon has unveiled his first public art installation, Heartbeat, in the 19th century market building's grand interior - and it comprises 100,000 giant, white balloons. 

The 54 metre creation is lit by a gently pulsating white glow, which represents Covent Garden's status as the beating heart of the area. 

Pétillon is best known for his Invasions, in which he fills ordinary spaces - from basketball courts, to derelict houses and even cars - with thousands of white balloons. 

He explained that these sculptures change the way people see everyday things - adding that his latest work was designed to be as alive and vibrant as the area itself. 

Heartbeat will run until 27 September, alongside a pop-up gallery featuring Pétillon's photographs and work. Catch it while you can! 

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