Friday 22 November 2013

Introducing Xenia Joost

By Jennifer Cattaui of Babesta

Having shown on runways from Moscow to Milan, Estonian fashion designer Xenia Joost is known for her high style women’s collections, but this season she tries her hand at kidswear. From our recent chat, it’s clear Joost is having fun in this new market and eager to make her mark in children’s fashion.

Why did you decide to bring your line from adult fashion into children's fashion?
Fashion is not a job for me, rather a lifestyle—and it’s not only for me, but for my family as well. In 2008, my first daughter Aleksandra was born (she quickly hopped on the fashion train too), and came to work with me, touched the fabrics, cut and crafted. We picked fabrics together and I sewed little dresses for her. My friends saw these designs and wanted the clothes for their children also! A whole collection grew from one dress.

Tell me about the materials – they are so soft and luxurious!

Because it is so important to me that my company produces as few clothing scraps as possible, I try to use the fabrics that are left from the women´s line for the children’s collection. Then I make one-of-a-kind pieces that match the women´s clothing with very luxurious fabrics: cashmere and silk, for example. At the same time I know how important comfort is and that the fabrics have to be easy to take care of. The childrenswear main line has a lot of elastine and materials that are easy to clean.

You're a mom of two girls– how do they influence your fashion? 
My family and children influence my clothing a lot. I wear my own creations because I want to understand better how my designs feel, if they are comfortable and how I can take care of them better. The same is true with childrenswear. My kids wear my designs and give me feedback so I know what to do better in the following collection.

Last year, after I made sketches of my Charlie collection, my daughter Aleksandra drew her own interpretation of Charlie Chaplin. I loved her picture so much that I put the design on a T-shirt as a print. That design ended up on Italian Elle’s website, and as a result I was invited to Milan Fashion Week

What three words or concepts are at the heart of Xenia Joost Kids?

Mother and daughter in harmony through style, comfort and fun.

What's up for next season? How are you planning to grow the line?

Currently I am creating my a/w 14-15 collection. I am always very excited when starting a new season. I have the mentality that the best collection is the collection I am starting work on. The theme and colours are in place, and I’m choosing the fabrics that support my ideas. I plan to grow the Xenia Joost brand into a lifestyle brand. Every season I do a bit more. From the next season on, I plan to add new products to the children´s line such as knits and more elastine clothing.

Who is Xenia Joost?

Xenia Joost is a dreamer, who is fond of the concept of a journey and the people she meets on the way to her dreams. I still play with dolls in my imaginary world and invite everyone to be a part of that.

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