Monday 8 July 2013

New Designers

Recognised as a source of inspiration, fresh talent and new ideas, New Designers has launched the careers of thousands of the UK’s design graduates as they emerge from the UK’s highly regarded design courses at universities and colleges.

We paid a visit to this year's event and here’s what caught our eye: 

Labyrinth hanger by Orsolya Czili

Stools by Jane Crisp

The seats cushions are recycled woollen blankets felted and dyed to natural and bright colours. 

Leaf seats by Design by Nico 

Dino Rocker by Mona Tripp 
Made of plywood, the whole rocker is held together by slot in joints, without glue or screws.
The versatile design allows you to take the rocker apart for flat packed storage of for transferring it to the next user when your child has grown out of it.
Halli by Kelsey Pilgrim
Designed to help parents organise children by providing storage for the necessary school items.

The next edition of New Designers will take place in June-July 2014.

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  1. Lovely inspirations in here. Definitely smitten by those green ones. Got my eye on your next posts.