Friday 18 January 2013

Spotlight on aden + anais

When Raegan Moya-Jones moved from her native Australia to the US, she never expected to start a global business which would one day attract celebrity fans. After moving to the US and starting a family, Raegan knew that swaddling in muslin would be a part of her traditions as a mother. But when she tried to find a swaddle like the ones she remembered from home, she couldn’t. Those that she did find were too small; too thick and heavy; too restrictive; too unattractive. Though disappointed, Raegan did what any mother would: she made sure her children could have the very best by rolling up her sleeves and getting to work. And that’s why she started aden + anais.

Along with a business partner, Raegan created aden + anais, named after their children, and rolled out the first product collection in 2006. The swaddles won over parents, pediatricians and even started a celebrity following.  

In 2008, Raegan became the sole force behind 
aden + anais and is now leading a brand with innovative products and partnerships with some of the largest retailers in the United States. Today, aden + anais is sold in over thirty countries worldwide and Raegan has published her first book (2010), Swaddle Love, which chronicles the history, science and techniques of swaddling. In it, she also recounts her personal journey from new mother to business entrepreneur.

Where does the aden + anais style and design aesthetic come from?
The aden + anais® style is really based on my own personal taste and I think it has evolved from there. I’ve never been a big fan of cutesy baby designs so when I started to design our swaddles I wanted to create something that I would use for myself and my own girls. I also recognise that different styles do better in different parts of the world. For instance, one of my favourite designs is Super Star because of the big bold colours and the simplicity of the design. This pattern is very popular is Australia, but the primary colours are not as popular here in the US, which is why we created Super Star Scout. It has the star pattern but in a more subdued colour palette.

What do you think differentiates aden + anais from other brands in the baby industry?
We offer a combination of unique, contemporary designs with great functionality in what I believe to be one of the loveliest fabrics on the market that also happens to be breathable.  I whole-heartedly believe that this combination is ultimately what sets us apart in the industry.

You are not only a business woman, but a mother to four girls.  What advice would you give to a new mum about getting that much needed sleep?
It is really all about creating a routine. Babies thrive on routine and I always found that being militant about sleep routines worked in our home. We always put the girls down to sleep swaddled and in their cot at the same time for their morning nap, afternoon nap and evening bedtime. I would give them their milk in the same place (in the rocking chair in their bedroom) read them a story, swaddle them, put them in their cot, turn on the sound machine with white noise when they were very young and a lullaby as they got older and kiss them goodnight. All the girls were sleeping through the night by the time they were 4 months old.

What can buyers expect to see from aden + anais here at Bubble?
Along with our popular classic product range and designs, we will be debuting a new collection with designs that were developed specifically for the European market. We’ve created three prints: make believelovely, and night sky .  Each print is available in a wide range of products including swaddles, bibs, sleeping bags, musy multi-use blankets, cot sheets, changing mat covers and dream blankets™.
We will also be debuting two completely new lines which include a line of muslin toys and an innovative product called the easy swaddle™.  The easy swaddle combines the softness and breathability of our signature cotton muslin, with a revolutionary design using snaps to create the perfect swaddle every time.

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