Tuesday 4 October 2011

Spotlight on Carla Valverde

A few months ago, we were introduced to the amazing work of Carla Valverde by CWB editor and Bubble and Speak guest blogger, Laura Kirkpatrick.

Having previously worked in the theater world and as a teacher, the Portuguese designer unveils some of the secrets behind her treasured dolls.

I like to think of my dolls as a toy you can play with and “a piece of art” a child can cherish for many years.

When starting my own collection, one of my main influences were some traditional Portuguese dolls made at the beginning of the century called "matrafonas". 

I'm inspired by what surrounds me - animals, fabrics, fashion - and of course the work of some fellow designers such as Mimi Kirchner and Jess Brown. 


Due to popular demand, I’m currently working on more colourful and smiley designs.

As I always have thousand of ideas but very limited time to execute them, my home-based studio is never kept tidy for long!

For more information on Carla's work, please visit her blog.

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