Saturday 14 March 2015

Mother's Day Memories

It's nearly Mother's Day - and, to mark the occasion, Team Bubble have been telling us about their all-time favourite memories and gifts. Hankies at the ready! 

Marketing Director Stephanie Parker is mum to two boys:

"My favourite memory is from my first ever Mother's Day, just two weeks after Charlie was born. It really sunk in that I was mum to this precious little boy; it's a feeling difficult to put into words, but it made me feel like the most special person in the world.

My favourite gift...well, this is naughty as it's for Sunday, but nursery had to give it to me on Thursday - so I had a peek. Tom has planted a flower seed/bulb in a welly boot, and it has a lollipop stick in it holding a card, with a poem about what the flower means to him for me. It's all very sweet!"

Operations Manager Terryanne Dyson has a grown-up son and daughter:

"As a child, I loved the excitement of secretly planning to take my mum breakfast in bed with dad. Mum always showed such surprise, and said that she hadn't expected such a treat on Mothering Sunday. 

My favourite flowers are daffodils - and, as a mum, Mother's Day was always the perfect time to fill my vases. My children never disappointed! They loved to make their own cards and always tried to draw daffodils. They didn't always look like beautiful yellow flowers they are, but that didn't matter! 

When my children were young, Sunday morning breakfast in bed on this day was always something to treasure, as we managed to make time stand still for a while and just enjoy the cuddles."

Event Director and reluctant baker Lindsay Hoyes is a mum-of-one.

"My favourite Mother's Day memory is of baking and decorating cupcakes (badly) with my son, in preparation for Mother's day Sunday lunch cooked by my husband."

Events and Sales Administrator Rachael Henry is mum to two boys and a girl - not to mention new addition Kevin, the pug/Jack Russell cross!

"My favourite mother's day presents are always the handmade ones, as the kids are so excited for you to receive them and to tell you how they were made. It's usually on the Friday after school before Mother's Day. 

I loved Arthur's present last year, which was a card made from his hand-prints and hand painted, with a little poem about not rushing to grow up!"

Have you got a favourite Mother's Day memory? We'd love to hear it!

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