Wednesday 3 December 2014

Little Spree's Winter Edit

Little Spree is an insider's guide to dressing your kids in a beautiful and stylish way, without maxing your credit card. With their impeccable taste and eye for quality and original style, Richmond mums, Sarah Clark and Nicky Hornby-Clifton uncover their tips and ideas for everything you need to know in kids fashion and style.

Creating daily mini features on only the pieces they genuinely love, Little Spree's posts are a mixture of cool, stylish and practical baby, toddler and older kids clothes and outfits - as well as toys, gifts and bedroom/nursery ideas. They have developed a loyal following of stylish mums, many of whom won't buy anything for their kids unless it has the Little Spree stamp of approval. They do the legwork so their readers can just shop their specialist edit - in fact, if you subscribe to their posts at, their edits come straight to you. 

After huge demand, they added Mama Spree - a weekly post dedicated entirely to fashion concious mums - to the site in February. Sarah is also a Fashion Editor and Art Director, and is currently Contributing Senior Fashion Editor at Red magazine.

Here are two outfits Sarah and Nicky have put together for Bubble and Speak, mixing some of their favourite Bubble brands with the best from the high street.

Boys Outfit

1. COS Cashmere Jumper, £49.00
2. Zara Cable Knit Bobble Hat, £7.99
3. Zara Fleece Lined Pea Coat, £27.99
4. Mini A Ture Bordeaux Pant, £35.00
5. Petit Bateau Silver Hi-Top, £61.00

Girls Outfit

1. Zara Shimmer Hat, £7.99
2. Mango Hooded Parka, £34.99
3. Beau Loves Dress, £43.00
4. Zara Maryjane Flat, £17.99

We love their winter edits - especially that dress-and-parka combo! How about you? 

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