Monday 24 June 2013

Punk: Chaos to Couture

By Jennifer Cattaui of Babesta

What I hadn't realised before visiting Punk: Chaos to Couture at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is that the spirit of punk is totally de rigueur in how we live our lives today and what I love about our kids fashion market. 

Punk, for all of its anti-establishment underpinnings (and safety pins), is about independence and personal style.

A movement that started in 1974 on the Bowery, and in parallel at 430 Kings Road in London, it is a tale of two cities that resulted in an explosion of self-expression. Taken together, the hallmarks of the movement include graffiti, paint splatter, destroyed, ripped and torn garments, copious amounts of hardware and “bricalage” or appropriating whatever’s in your environment - to your get up. Tees and jeans were decorated with everything from plastic trash bags, coins and buttons to soap bars, photos, paper plates and spoons. 

The exhibit takes you to the highs and the lows from Givenchy’s white grommeted jacket to Moschino’s trash-bag couture gown and is a must if you visit New York this summer.

Punk: Chaos to Couture at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art until 14 August. 

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