Friday 20 January 2012

Buying Season with Kidsen

by Corina Papadopou, Kidsen

I love my job. But over the next few weeks I love it just a little more. Being a business owner of a small independent consists of many tasks, some more enjoyable than others. But THE best thing about owning a store is the sourcing and buying of new products and collections. It is both terrifying and brilliantly exciting, and my journey for finding the best products and interesting new collections for Autumn Winter 2012 has begun.

Buyers worldwide are getting ready for what is one of the busiest times ahead. It’s time to put on their buyers hats to begin predicting what will be the best sellers for 2012. An exciting but equally challenging task given the current economic climate. Considered buying has never been more important.

Below are some simple ideas on how to have a successful season:
1. Listen to your gut instinct and don’t be influenced by what others say. You know your customers better than anyone else.

2. Make a budget and stick to it. It's easy to get carried away whilst visiting buzzing tradeshows and talking to passionate designers. Stick to your budget.

3. Don’t be scared to try something new, and always put some money aside for at least one ‘risky’ brand.

4. Invest in quality rather than quantity. In these frugal times consumers are looking for sustainability. They want to buy less but buy better. You should do the same.

The Must Visit Trade Shows:

1. Bubble London – this London show has reduced my travel extensively. When it comes to children's fashion there is no better show. You find a great variety of brands under one umbrella.

2. Playtime Paris – just a train ride away to catch the few brands which don’t show in the UK.

3. Kleine Fabriek – great for discovering edgier fashion

4. CPH Kids & Ciff Kids – a must for any Scandinavian loving store

Below are some simple ideas on how to have a successful season

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