Friday 9 December 2011

Dear Father Christmas

By Laura Turner, CWB Magazine

As a young child, it would be around this time of year that I would start composing a letter to Father Christmas. I’d pen a little wish list in my neatest hand writing before leaving the note on the mantle piece with an obligatory carrot, sherry and mince pie.

But it wasn’t until recently, whilst buying Christmas gifts for young children of family and friends, that I got thinking about some of my own favourite Christmas presents as a child.

Many of my much-loved toys were good old fashioned Fisher Price favourites that are still popular today, together with typical 80s toy paraphernalia like My Little Pony, The Care Bears and Rainbow Bright. It is funny how, even after decades of time, you can still vividly remember the tiniest details of your favourite playthings – here are mine…

Fisher Price cash register

Rainbow Bright
 I adored anything to do with Rainbow Bright, especially a memory card game I had featuring all of the Rainbow Bright characters.

Care Bears
 I managed to build up a pretty impressive collection of these little, plastic Care Bear figures.

My Little Pony 

Fisher Price record player 
 I remember playing these records over and over again…how annoying.

I loved this toy with its secret, lockable compartment.
Fisher Price roller skates

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