Sunday 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Spotted at Bubble London:

Dad Justin with Lily 5 and Tabitha 1 both wearing
Green Eyed Monster tee-shirts.

Dad Peter with Lily Mae 16 months wearing
Hello Kitty jeans and a Mothercare cardigan.

Dad Ben with Skye 2 wearing some stripy
leggings from the high street.

Dad Paul from Manchester with Macy 4 wearing
French Connection.

Jun from Manchester with little Dennis 2 who just broke his arm.

Dad Sam from Reading with Savannah 22 months.
Dad Stacy carrying Andre 1 and Theo 3
both wearing Junior Mafia.

Dad Ramsey with Zak 2 rocking an all denim look.

New dad Trevor Smith with Logan
11 weeks and 2 days.

Dad Imran from Rugby with Sami wearing
Lilly + Sid.

Dad Jon from London with Poppy 9 months
checking Hatley and Kozikidz.

Dad Adrian with Amelia 2 wearing some high street brands
 and a lovely flower in the hair.

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